If you were arrested and charged with a crime in the past, you know how it can make your life very difficult. Arrest records and criminal case records can be viewed by the public, and arrest and court case information is reported to a number of government agencies and sold to private criminal background check companies.

Most types of criminal background checks that are conducted by employers, landlords, licensing agencies, etc. will show your past arrest, even if the criminal case against you was dismissed or never even filed.

It may be possible to seal or expunge the records from your prior arrest and criminal case. Doing so will allow your criminal history information to be removed from background checks.

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An expunction is a legal procedure that results in the destruction of all physical and electronic records generated in connection with your arrest and past criminal case. The records that are destroyed will include your mug shot, fingerprints, arrest reports, police reports, incident reports, and all records contained in the court file.

Once an expunction is final, under Texas law you are allowed to deny the occurrence of the arrest and the court case for all purposes.

If you went to trial in your case and you were found “not guilty,” then you are eligible to expunge all records from your arrest and court case.

If you were arrested but a criminal case was never filed against you, or if your past criminal case was dismissed before trial, then you may be eligible to expunge all the records from your case.

Orders of Nondisclosure

When someone talks about having their criminal records “sealed,” they are referring to an Order of Nondisclosure. If you successfully completed deferred adjudication probation in a misdemeanor or felony case, you may be eligible to seal the records from your arrest and court case.

Once your arrest record and criminal case records are sealed, the information contained in those records cannot be disclosed to the public, and will be removed from criminal background check databases. You will be able to deny the arrest and the criminal case on most employment applications. Only law enforcement agencies will still be able to access and view your sealed records.

Can I Seal the Records from a Prior DWI Conviction?

Recently, a new law was passed in Texas allowing the records from a first-time DWI conviction to be sealed under a very specific set of circumstances. If you have one DWI conviction in your past, and you have no other criminal history whatsoever, you may be eligible to seal the records from your DWI case.

If you have ever been arrested or charged with a crime in Texas, contact me today so we can determine if you are eligible to seal or expunge your prior criminal history and remove that information from background checks.